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The Boston law firm of Broude & Hochberg, LLP was established in 1928 as the office of David Broude, Esquire, who had previously been one of the earliest revenue agents in what was then the fledgling Bureau of Internal Revenue.  Until his death in 1969, David Broude engaged in practice in the fields of taxation, trusts and estates.  During the latter part of his career he wrote a regular column for Barron’s on tax and legal subjects.  The other founding attorney, Alvin Hochberg, joined the office in the early 1950’s, after practicing at another firm after graduation from Harvard Law School, following service as an air force captain in the South Pacific.   Jeffrey Hutchins joined the firm in 1985 with a Masters in Taxation after several years of practice in Philadelphia.   Ann Hochberg joined the firm in 1996 after practice at a large firm and an independent state authority.  

The firm provides counsel in the areas of trusts, estates, probate and tax planning to individuals and families, as well as general legal services to a variety of business enterprises and non-profit organizations.  It also offers a full range of fiduciary services including trust and estate administration and management.  As part of those services, the firm provides tax advice and tax return preparation for individuals, trusts, estates and other entities including private foundations, S corporations, limited partnerships (LP's) and limited liability companies (LLC's).

In estate planning, the firm focuses on individual and family needs and financial objectives. After thorough analysis with the help of other family advisors, members of the firm work to develop a comprehensive estate plan to minimize taxes and maximize asset preservation and financial growth, establishing wills, living trusts, grantor retained income trusts, life insurance trusts, generation-skipping trusts and gift-giving programs, including charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts.  The firm also has decades of experience in estate administration.

If requested, Broude & Hochberg, LLP attorneys are available to serve as guardians, trustees or executors, either alone or with family members or other professionals.  Where appropriate, clients’ assets are held in a group custody account at State Street Bank and Trust Company which provides safekeeping and custodial services.  The firm’s trust department monitors the daily activity for accuracy and compliance with the standards established for each account.  Reports are made monthly to clients, co-Trustees and beneficiaries.  To secure knowledgeable investment advice, the firm has long retained the services of a seasoned investment advisor and also has the flexibility to work with any other investment advisor that a client may choose.

(DAVID BROUDE (1896-1969), ALVIN S. HOCHBERG (1920-2013)

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